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THE MICK issue 49 is online now for free download, containing interviews with GIANT PAW (UK), DJ MARK SPLATTER (International Man), ROME BURNS (UK), THE RABIES (USA), THE BROTHERHOOD OF PAGANS (France) and THE DROWNING SEASON (USA) as well as 34 REVIEWS and plenty of photos of our cats (and those of Andy from Giant Paw). My website also now has the direct link to my new book on Goth, the 624 epic MUSIC TO DIE FOR.
URLs behind the cut.

http://www.mickmercer.com/themick.html - the magazine
http://www.mickmercer.com – Music To Die For details

During the next six weeks eight exclusive books I am self-publishing will be appearing. These include ‘Author Editions’ of my first books, Gothic Rock Black Book (celebrating it’s 21st anniversary!) and Gothic Rock, both of which will be redesigned to include an extra 200+ pages featuring previously unseen photos of classic Goth bands, as well as a three book series of Gothic Interviews, and a three book series of Gothic Images. ‘Author Editions of Hex Files and 21st Century Goth will follow shortly thereafter, as will a series of Punk-related books, and several reviewing bootlegs.

Meanwhile, please consider adding to my space pages as bulletins will be sent out announcing all the books and future issues of THE MICK.
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