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Home needed.

Hi! I'm looking for a home for a very sweet little girl who came up to my porch in January and chose to have babies there. I looked for her owners (She was too people-friendly to have never been around humans), and couldn't find them. Once the babies were weaned (She had six, and I found another-same color-same age, in the local grocery store parking lot), a vet in my area took all seven and had them spayed/neutered and found them all good homes. I have had her spayed, and paid for her rabies shot. Her surgery, rabies shot and pain medication only cost me $40 (because of my finacial strains, the local humane society paid for the rest. I felt guilty asking, but couldn't afford it any other way.), but because I have been unemployeed and taking care of my grandmother (Who had alzheimers and dementia until her death a couple of weeks ago) the $40 was actually a hit to my budget as well as the cat food/litter/etc. I am asking $15-$20 for her since I was told it's a bad idea to post free pets because they rarely go to good homes. I assume she's about 8-9 months old. She's litter trained too. Long fur tuxedo sweetheart.

I can't keep her. I cannot afford to. I hate people who gather up animals that they cannot afford to keep (I.E. vet bills, etc.), and am trying my best to find her a good home.

I live about 45 minutes from Atlanta (towards Alabama) on I-20, and would be willing to meet someone anywhere within an hour to an hour and a half driving distance, as long as she's happy.

Here's some pictures of the furry little thing.

On the porch-

Sleepy time!

Thanks for helping!
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