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Sunday morning...

Meh, would've slept it in if weren't for Lestat, aka Supermodel Boodaboo, bothering me for food. Couldn't go back to sleep after that.

His preferred method is to lay above my head and knead or chew on my hair. Many times I'll wake up with my head completely pushed off the pillow and him curled up and contentedly purring above me. I'll usually push him off and go back to sleep.

If that doesn't work, he'll locate some paper (usually an important piece of mail) or plastic and chew on that, which makes a horrible rattling sound that is very hard to ignore. I'll stop that by dipping my fingers in the water glass and flinging it at him. That will send him running.

He'll loaf on my chest and stare at me. You ever tried sleeping through a cat staring at you?

He'll also lay right by head and purr. Which would lull me to sleep if it weren't accompanied by loud meowing in my ear.

His newest trick is to go under the bed and rattle a plastic bag RIGHT UNDERNEATH ME. I sleep next to the wall, so he knows I can't reach him there. Little bastard.

So, how does your cat wake you up?

Lestat on my chest...
Lestat on my belleh
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